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The Invasion of Leodis Prime

Updated 17.02.2024

Version 1.1

changes are in red



Mission Statement

The Invasion of Leodis represents the fourth in our gaming groups event series, with strong a empathies in creating a hobby positive enviroment and fun gaming experience, we aim to bring together gamers into a community.


Welcome and thank you for the interest in our event


Ticket Price: £20

Date: Saturday 27th April 2024

Time: 0900 - 2015

Number of games: 3

Location: Leodis Games – Unit 10, Springfield Mills, Bagley Ln, Farsley, Leeds LS28 5LY, United Kingdom


What sort of tables can you expect at the event?? -



Any questions, no matter what they are can be answered, the email is or through wooden spoon wargaming on Instagram


What you will need to bring

  • Army 2000 points, - WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

  • Army Books and any other points of reference you need to run your army

  • Dice and Tape measure

  • Printed copies of your army lists, any issues doing this please get in touch before the event

  • Objective markers




Doors open: 0900

Hellos, coffee/tea and Registration: 0900-0930
Briefing: 0930
Game 1: 
9.45am - 12.45pm
Lunch: 12.45pm - 1.30pm

Game 2: 1.30pm - 4.30pm

Break: 4.30pm  -4.50pm

Game 3: 4.50pm - 7.50pm

Awards*: 8.00pm

*If everyone’s game 3 are finished then the award section will be moved forward

Army Composition

Army size 2000 points

Painted to battle ready standard, No – but you will not gain the 10 points when stated in the mission rules  for a painted army

Legend units are allowed to be used at the event 

There is a limit of 2 EPIC Hero units per army list, this is expanded to include the transcendent C'Tan model for the Necrons

This is designed as a community building, non competitive event, WSW reserves the suggest that lists are adjusted

What needs to be on your  printed army list:

  • All units within your army

  • Your warlord to be noted

  • Any enhancements given to characters


List submission is 20th April 2024



The missions played are those from the Warhammer 40,000 10th edition set with modifications

Scoring will not follow the standard 10th Ed scoring system - standby for more information



Battlefields will feature interesting aspects of terrain, pushing away from competitive setups repetitive bland board layouts


The awards on offer are:

Favourite Army Player based voting

Unluckiest player Player based voting

Unluckiest player

If your opponent had a really unlucky game, things were just not going well for them, then you are able to give this a score as well and cheer them up

Favourite army

Armies are to be placed out on tables at the lunch break so players can view all the armies, a paper slip will be given, and votes collected by the WSW team member

Secondary Awards - Players are only able to achieve one award each

Special in game events that will trigger and award, to be awarded to the first player to achieve one, or more of these during the event

Witness me - make a 12' charge with out modifications to charge distance

Who's in charge now? - first warlord to die during the game

Seems like a good idea - first self inflicted character kill - lose a characters last wound that was not the result of an enemies attack

Shoe laces were tided together - fail a 3 or 4 inch charge.

I like it here - Have all your units wholly within your deployment zone for the whole game


Get in touch before the event

We have our own discord server that is up and running, there is a channel already made for this event and waiting for you to come in and meet other people before the event and share your progress of your army getting ready for this show down, the link will be in the registration confirmation email

Social media

Discord link -

We understand peoples need for privacy, we will endeavor not to publish anyone photos or names during the event or afterwards in any media produced to promote the event or Wooden Spoon Wargaming.





Food and Drink/ Venue details


If you have any food allergies that could put you are risk in a contact situation were to occur, please write this on the registration email reply

The Venue is the awesome Leodis Games - This friendly local gaming store is an excellant place to game and add to your pile of potential 





















Third party/3d Printed

3rd Party parts are allowed to be used but completely 3d printed direct rip off’s of models that are produced by Games Workshop for the game of Warhammer 40,000 cannot be used.

If you would like to use a model ‘to count as’, ‘proxy’ please get in touch before the event



Any questions, no matter what they are can be answered, the email is or through wooden spoon wargaming on Instagram

Tickets  - Are on sale now, Please see the event tabs at the top of this page

-> Tickets can be bought here <-

Thank you

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