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Community Spotlight - OA Gamer/Jason

Welcome to this community spotlight section once again, this month I have had the privilege to interview Jason Ortega.

This is someone I have found through the wonders of social media on Instagram and here is a link (Instagram: oa_gamer).

I have asked them to be interviewed to find out their hobby styles and life, and see if others can gain from their experiences.

First off thank you Jason

Let’s begin with some basic questions so people can get to know you,

Can you tell the folks a little about yourself?

How did you get into the hobby of tabletop wargaming?

I have been in the hobby about 34 years! All the way back in middle school, my friends and I were heavily into role-playing and table top games such as RIFTS, Car Wars, D&D, Axis and Allies and even early editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. We never knew what we were really doing but had a blast playing around with various games and minis. I am old enough to actually remember waiting at the comics shop when Rogue Trader went on sale, it was a life changer! I also had my first full WFB army made up of the first metal sculpts for Skaven.

What type of hobbyist are you? A painter/collector/gamer or a mix?

All of the above. Time is a premium for me due to real life so I spend 90% of my available time painting and collecting. I do enjoy gaming but it is not as frequent as I would like. I also used to do the 40k GT and RTT tournament circuit in the US from 1999-2007 and enjoyed that aspect of the hobby at well, and I am even playing some competitive 40k events here in Malaysia just for fun.

What game systems do you play? Are you simply a one game person or do you play many different games?

With the limited time, I almost exclusively collect, paint and play 30k; I prefer it to 8th ed. 40k. However my kids enjoy our games of 40k and I also try to get in a FOW, Kill Team or other game every once in a while.

What was the thing that caught your eye the most them you were first starting out?

The story and fluff. Coming from a RPG background, that aspect of the game drew me in to WFB and Rogue Trader. The minis were a bonus. GW created their own spin on established fantasy lore and I was hooked pretty quickly. RIFTS was similar, I bought every book I could just because their worlds were so cool.

What advice would you give someone just getting into the hobby/or your younger self, now you have been involved in this for a while?

Enjoy it; do not worry about what is best on the table or collect based on the opinions of others. Collect and paint what appeals to you. This is a hobby and should be something you should really enjoy, not stress about.

Have you ever had an extended period out of the hobby?

Yes, from 2009-20013. I relocated to China for a job and didn’t have time to hobby or bring my stuff with me.

How did you get back in?

Work life slowed down a bit and I had more free time. One day I happened to walk by a Warhammer store in Shanghai, China and decided to look inside at what was new since I last played or hobbied. As is usually the case for most of us, I could not walkout without at least a box, lol.

What’s the best part of the hobby for you?

Painting and collecting, in line with the fluff. I pick projects based on stories, pictures or other aspects of the gaming worlds we explore.

What is the worst part of the hobby for you?

Over competitive jerks. It is a game, not a job so relax and enjoy yourselves. I try to bring new players into the hobby or pass on tips, not use them as punching bags.

What keeps you in the hobby?

It’s a shared passion with my kids and even my fiancée’ likes to paint. I’m personally passionate about it but the social aspect of the hobby is also very rewarding.

How do you deal with burn out/lack of hobby mojo?

I change projects or units I’m working on all the time! I also switch from painting to assembly to keep it fresh. A hobby goal, such as making a force and display for Armies on Parade is also useful as it gives me something to strive towards. Game wise, If I am getting burned out on competitive gaming, I switch to narrative or vice-versa. There are so many ways to enjoy the hobby, don’t limit yourself.

Has anyone inspired your hobby style/life?

Not really, my “hobby self” pretty much is my “real self”. I am a sociable person with an addictive personality towards things I enjoy.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Wow, where to start?! Painting 30k DG, IH and BA all at the same time! I have 40k Custodes, DW, Deathwing, GK and Templars all in various stages of assembly and painting. Some FOW Germans too. I actually had to downsize as I had 13 armies at one time, all at different stages of completion.

Do you plan out projects/armies or just get sucked into the trap of collecting everything?

50/50! I have specific plans for projects but I also can be sidetracked by a single bitz! I have been known to see a box on the shelf and it will inspire me to build a unit, character or even an army.For a recent example: I finished about 3500 points of 30k DG then took a break to do a 30k IH unit. That ended up being my full time project the last 2 months, to be done for 2019 Armies on Parade!

If your budget was unlimited but you could only buy one army what would it be?

30k Solar Auxilia, the figures and tanks are just gorgeous. All that FW resin would be quite the investment however as I would do it proper infantry style.

What do you hope to improve with regard to your hobbying in the future?

I always want to become a better painter; it is a never-ending learning process.

How is the community is Malaysia?

Huge, it was very surprising to find when I got here. I think it’s the British influence but gaming has a long history here. Very strong communities for wargaming including GW, FOW, X-Wing, Infinity, Warmachine/Hordes and historicals. Battlefront (FOW) has production here as well. Tournaments are very popular as well, the meta here leans towards competitive but you can find all sorts of gamers and systems easily.

Do you normally game in a store/club?

Both. Warhammer Publika (Kuala Lumpur) has a great and welcoming community and I’ve made some very good friends there. We are there at least once a week to hobby, socialize or for a game. We also game occasionally at local clubs and friend’s homes as well.

Have you got a goal limit for your 30k armies? Or just going to keep going?

My goal is probably a playable force from every legion! There are a couple legions I don’t like for fluff reasons but will probably do a small force anyhow, I just really love the background of the Heresy and the sense of community that the 30k crowd enjoys.

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