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Why I failed my own community challenge

So at the start of the year I reached out to Craig aka OG Paintworks to form a super mega ultimate hobby robot that would give birth to the fresh force challenge #freshforcechallenge

This was set in motion, a sexy youtube video was made and we were even interviewed on The Adeptus Terra Podcast, and so many awesome people on Instagram and YouTube joined in on the challenge, which was 2 HQ and 3 Troops of any army.

This is where I started to fail

1. Planning - I had the models, from the new shadowspear box set and a couple extra pieces, but I did not have a chapter colour scheme that I liked, it took me over a month and a chance seeing of a GW paint scheme for a nid army.

I was trying to keep the chapter neutral so I could use it to represent which ever chapter I liked at the time.

2. Time - I changed job and in real life, this means travelling to job sites for 3 weeks at a time. so I was only able to hobby half the time and most of that was spent tired

3. Hobby mojo - I lost mine :( for about two months, I was empty. Not wanting to go to the painting area i have or even open my cupboard of shame as its known

So out of the 17 models I had planned to do, I have completed 5..........................

But its 5 more than I thought and believed I would have ever done, this time last month. Ive passed my probation period at work so feel a lot better about the future now, and a house move back to England is in the cards for next year, meaning more back to the area where my gaming group is.

The Void Guardians will be going from strength to strength in the future and I have you can join me in charting this progress.

But for the challenge has been a massive success for so many people and I am so proud of all the work we have been seeing online throughout the process

Well done to everyone who took part

Hopefully 2020 will be better

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