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The Scouring of Eclipse 23 Update 1

Hello everyone,

Here is a quick update for people as ive had a few questions about the event.


Legends units can be used as their points are aligned with the current points values of the core units in the game


There isn’t a painting requirement for the event, but as per the mission victory points conditions, you will just not score the ten points for a painted army

FAQ Pack

The FAQ pack about the rules that come up, we will be using the WTC pack for this:

This can be found here:

Morley 10km road race

Morley 10km road race is happening on the same day, There will be some road closures. see web site for details. The road closure info on this site is for last years race but the course is the same as last year. the race starts at 9:00am. The closures say 8:00am to 11:00am but in practice the roads are opened up as soon as the race passes although Queen Street will be closed throughout. It might impact on parking too. best plan is to approach Morley onto Corporation Street and park at the top end of Morrisons car park.

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