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The Investigation of Starfall Harbour blog pt1

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

So I’m planning on blogging about the prep for our very first event every week, on a Sunday to let people know what is going on,

So the response has been amazing, thank you to everyone thats been in touch about wanting to take part and believing in our idea

A big mile stone for the event was a venue, this has been sorted, and booked, we are going to have a look at it in a couple weeks when I’m back from a work trip

Event pack is live

A major thing of this event is terrain and the tables

We have this sorted

Personally we already have all the terrain in place, I’ve managed to pick up two of the new Fronteris Nachmund boxes which will used in a jungle research base setting

But with 16 players it means 8 tables, 3 of the tables are up and ready to go already and I will be showing progress as we go along


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