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The Invasion of Leodis Prime missions!!!!

Good Evening all,

Its the week of the event and I hope this finds you all well. so who is ready?

The enemy has fallen upon the one peaceful planet of Leodis Prime, The governor overseer Pritchard has sent messages to the Imperium high command for aid.

This industrial world in the far reaches of the galaxy has become the centre of attention for several factions located in the area, the sudden interest owing to spiked due to the unknown psychic pulse sent out from the planet which resonated as a single ping.

Specialist scoring sheets will be available for all missions played.

Players are requested to score their opponents on how unlucky they were during each game. With 10 being super unlucky and 1 meaning the best luck ever. – this score are separate from the game score and are recorded on the bottom of the sheet provided.


Mission 1

Eliminate and destroy.

Deployment: Dawn of War

The aim of this mission is to break down and cause has many casualties to the opposing enemy force as possible.

Scoring for this mission is simple, the total points value of all destroyed units is totalled up at the end of the battle and this number is divided by 20 (rounding up to the nearest whole number) and this will give you a score out of 100

For example, 1675 points destroyed – 1675 / 20 = 83.75 – 84 points scored

If a unit is destroyed and then returned to the battlefield and then destroyed again, these will count towards the total number of points destroyed.

The normal 10 points for having a painted army does not apply in this mission.

Mission 2

Take and hold

Deployment: search and destroy

Secondary mission: Chilled rain

The aim of this mission is to secure the battlefield and set your army up for the up coming long war they will be taking part in, secure the objective and surgically strike at the enemy to weaken their offensive power.

Mission 3

Scorched earth

Deployment: crucible of battle

Secondary mission: scrambler Fields

The battlefield has been secured and now its time to take the fight to the enemy and limit their effectiveness and power. Its time burn them where they wait and regather their strength, strike fast and hard.

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