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Sump City Radio - Review

It was a cold and sad Friday morning when the news broke that the Chronicles of the Underhive podcast would be coming to an end, my monthly fix of Necromunda was stopping,

I am the sort of gamer that hasn't actually played a game due to work commitments and no players in my area, but I have a sizable Van Saar collection and I am about to start working on a Venator gang which I hope people will find interesting. More of that to follow

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel....

And its not a train

Up in the podcasting ring stepped

Facebook page can be access but the photo above, they also have a community page up and running already, So not quite ready on iTunes at the time of release, but they are now, I downloaded podbean and off my listening went....................

Sump city radio review

I really liked the flow of the podcast, it as if they were sitting with me as I cobbled together spare Van Saars from the bits left over from the few forge world kits I have and the few remaining bodies.

The podcast started off as they all do, with the hosts detailing their hobby history and life, all of which I can relate too. I never picked up the game before until N17 was released and I dived straight it, splitting a box with a friend with the idea of expanding it with the amount of terrain I have.

But work got in the way and it was pushed back.

So I now have had to rely on podcasts and YouTube to get my necromunda fix.

They all seem to have a wide selection of gangs so that will be good when they come to cover the details of each of the factions.

The sound bites added to the show were funny and well placed without over doing it,

It was good to hear a new podcast where the hosts don't really know each other, as I feel sometimes group jokes transfer across and they just end up laughing among themselves while the other listener are sat there and just thinking 'whats going on??'

I work away for three weeks at a time so podcasts keep me in the hobby, And I feel that once these guys get going, the podcast will grow

The show moved on towards more of a radio show, and the sections that followed, followed that of the Eye of Horus - Gang Bang style advertisement were really well written. Blitzs and Kreig - The murderball interview was detailed and impressive.


Dark Uprising box review followed,this is not a box that I bought as it didn't really appeal to me as I have just taken hold of 14kg of Mad Gaming Terrains Complex theme mdf set. More of this to follow.

I have to agree with the idea that the DU box is a little over priced and if I was going to grab a copy then I would of got it from some where like Element games.

Nick over at Old Average Brit gaming has done a great video about the box set and this can be found by clicking on the picture or through his youtube channel.

The podcast closed, and I have to admit that I am really looking forward to what comes next from the group.

Social media links for the hosts accounts are


My Score would be: 9 Wooden Spoons out of a possible 10

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