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January Update

Weekly update from myself (Matt)

So the bad news came through and its back to work for me for 5 weeks as in real life, I’m an engineer in the oil and gas sector

But a lot of progress over the last few weeks, the blade guard ancient that I wrote about in the last post, well he’s made and played in a crusade campgen that we are running

I will update more about this soon

Video wise, I have made 4 new videos but GW dropped the latest FAQ yesterday (7th January) and the power level and points of units ive talked about have all changed, so instead of saying, this was made before the FAQ then I will altar the videos and release in series in February

Next set of videos for a new set of terrain have been filmed and while im away I will be adding the music and voice over to them, again, releasing in february

Happy New Year to everyone reading this, hope 2021 is great for you

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