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Fresh Force Challenge 2019 Adeptus Terra Podcast Interview

A big thank you to Sam from the Adeptus Terra Podcast (TATPC) for the interview between myself (Matt) and Craig of Old Gitz Paint works about our fresh force challenge #freshforcechallenge that we are running on Instagram. Here you can here the section from the latest podcast where we detail, how and why we started this and how to get involved The Adeptus Terra Podcast is a show I have been listerning to for a number of years now and their monthly ear information manages to keep me in love with the hobby when for a time when Im working away my access to hobby and information is limited. The hosts, Matt, Neil and Sam have a real love for all aspects for the hobby. They can be found on the links below and on Itunes, Sound Cloud and other podcast mediums Thanks Social Media links The Adeptus Terra Podcast

Old Gitz Paintworks

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