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A new dawn

Cargo hold Delta was a secluded part of the strike cruiser Void Stalker, one of the Void Guardians ships that had now become their home. This cargo space was filled with the engines of war and various machinery, from drop pods attached ready in their cradles. prepared to bring forth the holy vengeance from the angels of death to the traitors and xenos, that would dare threaten the imperium of man.

To the newly forged repulsor battle tanks, who’s vast array of weapons spit out the Emperor’s justice to all those who opposed his will.

Silently these machines slumber in wait for the next time they are able to deliver either justice or vengeance,

The room has a low glow to it, formed by the lighting rigs that are hung high above the deck, a stale oily smell hangs in the air, lingering in stronger in certain areas around the compartment.

The space normally reserved for silence and the routine security rounds preformed by the crew, has recently been occupied a different type of guest, for the was now seven large power armoured figures standing in this cargo hold,

Their astartes blue power armour is highly polish, each has a silver metallic decorated left arm accented by a large black shoulder pad off set by the same polished blue for the trim.

Each of these champions of humanity, elite warriors of the Adeptus Astartes, have differing markings and armour design that did not match the others, but all were battle brothers within the Void Guardians Space Marine Chapter

“draw yourselves closer brothers, I have been hearing whispers, rumours and talking, that I need to consult with you” a comforting voice said

The battle brothers slowly approached closer to the librarian, servos silently aiding their movement within their bulky power armoured frames.

A single light emitting device sat on the table, offering out a little more light than what was normally afforded in this area.

This collection of the chapter’s battle brothers, at first may of looked like a random gathering of various sergeants and specialist from different companies and squads. But the more the marines looked around this damp dark secluded cargo hold,

The more they had time to analyse each other, some were known to each other, serving together across battle fields for the lifetime of the chapter, others were recent recruits, limited in battle experience but eager to prove themselves,

Slowly what was now becoming evident to them all, was that this was not as it first appeared to be.

The brother librarian, a high-ranking member of the chapter wished to consult with them as a group.

This veteran of the chapter had sort each of them in turn during a short space of time and trusted them with the information about the time and place of the meeting but not its meaning or subject matter.

They had all been called here specially, and carefully with a purpose, selected to hear what was about to be said.

Each marine was now thinking the same and wondering what was about to happen next

His long white cloak was pushed aside, as the librarian reached into a pack, the leather worn from the passage of time, he pulled from it some data slates and a single holo imagining device, he set about arranging them on the table that the battle brothers were all now gathered around, they were all eager to hear and understand what was going on.

“There is a talk of a return to Ceterina” Librarian Halda whispered

The battle brothers withdrew in disgust, a bare mention of that planets name was enough to stir memories within each of them.

Senior sergeant Quantra curled his lip and then spat out words that resonated off all the walls of the cargo hold “why should we dare to return to that world, or system” the sound of his voice and hatred within the words passing from his lips was echoed across the expressions on the faces of the other marines collected there, as they all remembered the loss and pain they had suffered there.

“it’s a dead system, a waste land, radioactive for years to come, tainted, nothing good will come of our return, it is cursed” while waving his tightly fisted gloved hand in the air, he added in similar disgruntled tone

“The Emperor wills it, my veteran brother” the librarian coolly and calmly replied.

“I too lost brothers on that planet, trusted battle brothers, that stood by my side since before some of you here joined our ranks”

A deep breath followed,

The tension within the confines of the cargo hold was rising now.

The noise of the deckhead mounted fans was the only noise to be heard now, their rhythmic swoosh noise as they rotated appeared to get louder and louder as the marines stood together in a circle.

The fans were trying in vain to recirculate the stale air but failing to do so,

The marines each looked around cautiously at each other, trying to take in and understand what had just passed between them.

Each glancing from side to side, wondering who would speak next.

“a roque trader has brought back classified confirmed holo images of the planet, probe scans and bio data, life has returned there, our brothers sacrifice should not be in vein, our chapters history is permanently marked by what happened on that planet.” Spoke the librarian as he pointed to the data being displayed on the slates and pushing them around so the others could see more clearly

“can this data be trusted?” the question rang out, “the loss of our brothers on that planet was devesting for our chapter, brother librarian, this cannot be repeated” spoke up the Eradicator sergeant Danalio, who’s intrigue for more information and data was growing.

The librarian started the holo imagining device by pressing a series of keys on the side, the device chimed and came to life, showing a dense covering of jungle terrain.

“we will not be going in force; this expedition will be a small number of squads lead by Captain Mattaius and myself, we will be taking a sword class escort ship with minimal crew and resources”

Invictor warsuit pilot Alexis spoke up next “what does this data tell us of the conditions on the planet?”

He glanced over at the collection of dataslates that we laid out on the make shift table, quickly put together from ammo creates and scrap metal sheeting, he was eager to be aware of the surroundings, always first to the fight in this massive warsuit.

“Brother – life has returned there, green fertile lands around the central belt of the planet, radiation levels have dropped to acceptable levels for colonisation” as he spoke these words,

Halda was still finding the data slates hard to believe, he had been one of the last astartes to leave the planet before the fall, he remembered the sight his brothers laid out before him, the smell of death, the screams of the population as the sky turned to fire and the seas boiled.

But for two day cycles previous, he had sat alone in his chambers reading the reports himself on behest of the Captain, going over and over the information from the rogue trader and his crew who had made planet fall, he had gathered as much information and data as he could find, from previous battle testimonies of that fateful day,

Scoured over what little maps and geographical scans remained of the planet before……..

Before, what will always been remembered as a dark time in the history of the Void Guardians space marine chapter

Intercessor sergeant Shaunatis was now more interested in the data, this squad would form the backbone of the force, newly engineered primaris space marines eager to gain honour within the chapter and prove themselves

He spoke with a real drive and determination, “this world, our world must be reclaimed in the name of the emperor and for the honour & glory of the chapter”

Beating his chest plate with a clenched fist, The powerful sergeant of the chapters newly established aggressor squad, Seaniqutain spoke what the others were all thinking “it is our duty” the pride in his voice shone out like a beacon to inspire the others.

Holding out his ornate astartes chain sword the new marine that has stepped forward from the side lines, out of the gloom, started pushing around the data slates and knocked over the light emitter, the chainswords gleaming teeth were reflecting the collection of battle brothers surrounding it and was illuminated off of the glow of the slates below it.

Outrider sgt Olegivus, leaned in a with a stern look on his face, never one to hold back,

he simply said in his calm and collected manner

“when are we to muster and when are we leaving brother librarian, you did not call us here, in this dark and dingy part of the ship, for a simple meeting to look at pic feed data and holo images of our home world, we were all summoned here today for a reason”

Pulling his chainsword back from the table, he activated the magnetic locks and with a clunk noise it attached to his leg plate.

The librarian smiled, a battle scared smile, one earned through years of service to the throne of terra, he reached down and pushed aside his robed sleeve and pressed a stud on his power armoured gauntlet

The airlock doors at the lower end of the cargo hold slowly opened with a hiss, as the fresh air rushed into this obscure meeting room. Litter that has laid dormant on the deck plates was lifted and blown around the room

Lights flickered, the marines vision adjusted within microseconds as it has been engineered to do so,

In walked Brother Captain Mattaius.

This sigils of office that adorned his armour fluttered with the sudden in rush of air, the slow constant dripping noise from a fluid falling on to the deck plates from high above, was now drowned out by the footsteps of the captain as he walked with authority towards the assorted group that was gathered together.

Each of the marines in the circle gave the chapters mark of respect in unison to this leader.

Nodding to the librarian, the captain took over

“my brothers, some of us have known each other a long time, others only recently became battle brothers within the chapter, but we all strive for one thing, revenge…..”

The mood among the marines within the room became electrifying, as the fires within them grew

“my brothers, will you join me……….” Said the captain calmly as he scanned for the reactions of the others gathered with him

“in this crusade” roared the brother captain, slamming his fist into the table, sending the various slates and imagers clattering to the deck below.

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