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2021 and beyond

So as 2020 draws to a close, the world is still a state of flux, what should of been a year of growth for our gaming group has been a struggle only kept on top of by hobby hangouts and the openning of a discord server to maintain a sense of connection between the group.

2021 Plans and hopes

  1. Carry on producing youtube content, I am finally back enjoying it after a bit of a low period where I completly lost my mojo towards it.

  2. The recent post "A new dawn" alludes to a gaming group based warhammer 40k crusade where we try to push on a paint and game with the models that are in our back log. I will be putting more of a post together about this soon, as soon as the marine book updates all the power levels as I believe some have changed.

  3. Plan and prepare to a point where once the world settles down and it is safe to do so, hold narriative based events, the tables are well on the way to be prepared and ideas are always going around in my head on how to make this awesome for everyone who is willing to come and attend.

  4. update this website more.............

All the best


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